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  • An emergency exit door installed by Perimeter Glass in Jacksonville, FL
    03/26/2020 3 Comments
    Emergency Exits: OSHA Compliant Guidelines for Businesses

    Formulating and maintaining an efficient exit strategy is not only crucial to the safety of you, your employees, and your customers, but it's also an Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requirement that can result in major fines if not followed properly. OSHA emergency exit guidelines are straightforward, but they're also wordy; nailing down a few important aspects before attending to the details of your strategy can help.

    Exit Route Components


    An exit route is a path by which individuals reach the emergency exit, use the exit opening, and relocate to a safe area. It consists of three parts:

    1. Access portion: This is the component of the route that leads to the exit and must be unobstructed at all times.

    2. Exit: The exit is the portion of the route that leads to the discharge area.

    3. Exit discharge: This area leads to safe, open space outside or with access to the outside that can accommodate all building occupants.


    Exit Requirements


    The exit itself is the most complex aspect of the exit strategy as it entails a number of specifications. Exits must be clearly labeled, and the exit door must meet strict standards. According to OSHA, doors must meet the following specifications:

    - Be side-hinged

    - Swing out toward the exit discharge area

    - Fit into an access area that is at least 28 inches wide at all points

    - Be self-closing and remain closed and unlocked except in emergencies


    - Include approved fire doors made of flame-retardant materials, such as a commercial steel door


    Employee Awareness of Exit Procedures

    Even the most well-formulated exit strategies are ineffective without comprehensive employee knowledge and practice. Employers need to make sure every employee is briefed on the exit strategy in case of fire or other emergencies upon the employee's hire and periodically throughout the year, especially during inclement weather or as changes are made to the protocol. Employers should consult OSHA to determine the number of exits necessary for their facilities.

    A proper exit access point is critical to the quick and safe relocation of building occupants, and it starts with a quality emergency exit door. Perimeter Glass has been installing fire doors that comply with OSHA standards throughout the Jacksonville, FL area since 2001, and we can help you determine the best solution for your company. 

    Contact us today at 904-446-8853 to learn more about our emergency exit door repair and replacement services.



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  • Commercial storefront glass installation for business in Jacksonville, FL
    03/26/2020 - Sarah Miller 11 Comments
    Four Ways Commercial Glass Storefronts Can Revitalize Retail Businesses

    Commercial glass storefronts can help businesses save money on utilities, increase curb appeal, boost sales, and customize their displays.

    Between marketing and inventory, a lot goes into maintaining a retail business. One aspect that gets less attention is the storefront appearance. Having an inviting storefront is important to attracting customers. The best way to draw customers at a glance is through a new commercial glass storefront.


    Increased Curb Appeal

    The outward appearance of a business says a lot about how the owner feels about it. Dark and dingy storefronts make customers think the owner doesn't care much about their business or that the products are low quality. With a custom commercial glass storefront, potential customers can pass by the business reassured that it is an integral part of the community and that the owner takes pride in it. Improving the outward appearance of a business may also encourage neighboring businesses to improve their storefronts, thus increasing the amount of retail business in the area.

    Better Sales

    By inviting more natural light and showcasing a clean and organized store, commercial glass storefronts visually appeal to customers. When customers find spaces more visually appealing, they are more likely to spend money there. If they already shop there, it encourages them to buy more.

    Save Money on Utilities

    If the exterior of a business consists of outdated windows, the owners may be losing money each month to excess utility costs. With a new commercial glass storefront, owners can reduce utility costs and increase their bottom line. Money saved on utilities can be put toward increased advertising and marketing.

    Versatility of Displays

    Commercial glass storefronts provide owners with endless ways to customize the exterior of their businesses. Glass storefronts allow owners the ability to easily change their signage with each season or sale. They also allow owners to modify product displays to keep customers engaged. Glass storefronts also pair well with digital signage, increasing the customizability of displays and further easing any signage changes.

    Installing a commercial glass storefront is a great way to boost retail sales. The experienced commercial glass specialists at Perimeter Glass in Jacksonville, FL offer the highest level of workmanship in commercial glass installation and repairs. Contact us online or call us at 904-699-7492 for a free estimate.


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  • Commercial Steel Door Installation in Jacksonville, FL
    03/26/2020 - Sarah Miller 3 Comments
    Five Reasons Businesses Should Use Steel Doors Over Wood

    When adding access doors to a building, it's important to consider the benefits of different materials. Here's why industries should choose steel over wood.

    From serious security needs to heavy foot traffic, industrial buildings have unique requirements to consider when it comes to enhancing the building's access doors. When adding an entry door to an industrial facility, there’s more to consider than aesthetics. Read these five reasons property owners should go for steel doors in place of wooden ones.


    Increased Fire Rating

    The best steel doors and frames are fire-resistant to improve safety in an industrial facility. 20-gauge steel doors have a 20-minute fire rating, which gives occupants in a building more time to escape to safety in case of fire. These doors also meet stringent Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requirements for emergency exit doors.

    A More Durable Door

    Steel is rust-resistant, scratch-resistant, and doesn’t crack or bow under pressure. The same can’t be said for wood. In an industrial setting, exterior facing doors face the elements, physical exertions, and other rugged conditions that steel can easily withstand. In addition, steel doors have better blast resistance than wooden ones. These doors pass all blast resistance standards, including ASTM F2247, ASTM F2927, and UFC 4010-01.

    Reducing Sound

    Some industrial facilities require sound-resistant building materials. Steel doors have excellent sound-reducing properties, offering the highest STC (Sound Transmission Coefficient) rating of STC 32 to STC 55. This feature makes these doors better than wooden ones for sound reduction.

    Enhanced Security Against Forced Entry

    Industries and commercial premises often contain expensive machinery and important items. A strong door is required to avert financial losses through breaking and entering or other events that might require door repairs. Steel doors perform better than wooden ones in forced-entry resistance tests, making them ideal for enhancing security on industrial properties.

    Resilient in High-Traffic Areas

    Industrial buildings see a lot of traffic in and out, meaning that an access door on such a property should be strong and flexible enough to withstand frequent use. In the "million cycle” tests to evaluate the performance of doors, steel doors perform better than wooden doors.

    For the most reliable commercial and industrial doors in Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding area, Perimeter Glass is the one to call. Since 2001, we've been offering the highest level of workmanship and quality materials. Contact us today for an initial free estimate and exceptional commercial steel door installation services.


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