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Are you a business owner in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas, in need of reliable commercial glass services? Look no further than Perimeter Glass! As a leading commercial glass company with over 14 years of experience, we have the knowledge and skills needed to tackle any glass repair project. Whether you're dealing with a minor crack or a major break, we're here to help. Keep reading to learn more and contact us today to schedule your commercial glass repair service.

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What Causes Damage to Commercial Glass?

Commercial glass can sustain damage from various sources, including:

  • AccidentsCommercial glass doors and windows can be accidentally hit or shattered due to a collision with a person or object, such as a vehicle, shopping cart, or heavy equipment.
  • Extreme Weather – Severe weather conditions such as hail, wind, or storms can cause damage to commercial glass. Extreme temperatures can also cause thermal stress, which can lead to glass cracking or breaking.
  • Vandalism – Commercial glass may be intentionally damaged by vandalism, including graffiti, scratches, or deliberate breakage.
  • Improper Installation – If commercial glass is not installed correctly, it may be prone to damage and require frequent repairs or replacements.

Types of Commercial Glass Repair We Offer

Our experienced technicians are trained to repair and replace all types of commercial glass, including storefront glass, tempered glass, insulated glass, safety glass, and laminated glass. We can handle a variety of repairs, from commercial glass door repair to full glass replacement. Additionally, we can repair or replace door hardware, including hinges, locks, and closers, to ensure that your commercial glass doors operate smoothly and securely.


Should You Replace Your Commercial Glass?

Here are some signs that may indicate your commercial glass needs replacement:

  • Significant Damage – If the glass is severely cracked, chipped, or shattered, it may be beyond repair and require replacement.
  • Age – Glass, like any other material, has a limited lifespan and may become brittle or weakened over time. If your commercial glass is old and showing signs of wear and tear, it may be time to replace it.
  • Safety Concerns – If your glass poses a safety hazard, such as sharp edges or the potential for breakage, it may be best to replace it.
  • Energy Efficiency – If your glass is contributing to high energy costs, it may be worth investing in replacement glass that is more energy-efficient.

Frequently Asked Question About Commercial Glass Repair

How Much Does Commercial Glass Repair Cost?

The cost of commercial glass repair varies based on several factors, such as the extent of the damage, the type of glass, and the size of the area that needs repair. Simple repairs such as small cracks or chips may cost less than $100, while larger repairs or replacements can cost several thousand dollars.


Does Perimeter Glass Offer Emergency Services?

Perimeter Glass understands that commercial glass emergencies can occur at any time, so we offer 24/7 emergency services to our clients. Our team is always ready to respond promptly to any glass emergency to ensure the safety and security of your business.


How Long Does It Take to Repair Commercial Glass?

The length of time it takes to repair commercial glass can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the size of the area that needs to be repaired. Simple repairs, such as small chips or cracks, may only take a few hours to complete. However, larger repairs or replacements may take several days or even weeks to complete, depending on the availability of materials and the complexity of the project.


Choose Perimeter Glass for Commercial Glass Repair

Commercial glass repair is a worthwhile investment for businesses as it can enhance the property's appearance, improve safety, increase energy efficiency, and ensure compliance with regulations. By repairing or replacing damaged glass, businesses can create a more inviting and professional environment while mitigating safety risks, reducing energy costs, and avoiding potential fines or legal issues. With 24/7 emergency commercial glass repair services, Perimeter Glass is the go-to commercial glass company for all your glass repair needs in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas. Our experienced team provides prompt and efficient commercial glass services to get your business back up and running as soon as possible. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust that we'll always put your needs first. Don't let a broken glass door or window slow down your business – contact Perimeter Glass today to schedule your commercial glass repair service.