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Depending on the type of business you have and where your business or commercial property is located, you may be at risk of intrusion, theft, vandalism, or attack. Installing forced entry glass or ballistic glass can protect your employees, visitors, and property from injury or damage. Forced entry and ballistic glass can also enhance the comfort, energy efficiency, and weather resistance of your property. At Perimeter Glass, our goal is to enhance the safety, security, appearance, and value of your commercial or industrial property by using high-quality materials and workmanship. We are committed to exceptional customer service, always putting the customer first and ensuring the job is done right the first time. If you want to protect your property from forced entry, projectiles, weather damage, and other threats and attacks, call us today to schedule a consultation for forced entry glass installation in Jacksonville, FL. We can handle installation for new construction, pre-construction planning, and existing structures.

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What Is Forced Entry Glass?

Forced entry glass is rigorously tested and rated to slow or stop attempted break-ins or forced entry. Forced entry glass is constructed from layers of polycarbonate, which offers different levels of protection. Ballistic glass is constructed from acrylic, polycarbonate layers, or glass-clad polycarbonate. Forced entry glass installation can protect display windows, showroom windows, and exterior windows so that they are less likely to be damaged by high winds, extreme weather, or intrusions. They are not designed to stop bullets the way that ballistic glass is. Unlike grills and gates, forced entry glass uses invisible glazing to enhance its strength and resist impact and attack.

Who Needs Forced Entry Glass Installation?

We recommend installing forced entry glass on glass storefront windows, glass doors, showroom or display windows, security doors and windows, display cases, and exterior windows of government offices and financial institutions. You might also consider forced entry glass if your commercial property is exposed to high winds, heavy storms, or other natural events that could damage traditional or standard window and door glass.

Types of Forced Entry Glass

There are a few different types of forced entry glass solutions to choose from. Our team can help you assess your options and make the right choice for the safety, appearance, and security of your building. We offer these types of forced entry glass solutions:

  • Safety and Security Window Film – Safety and security window films are constructed to strict standards and can withstand heavy impact from people or the elements. They offer an invisible shield to protect against burglary, theft, impact, vandalism, and accidental damage. We install protective window film over your existing windows with no need to replace window glass or window frames as long as they are undamaged and in good condition.
  • Window Glazing – Window glazing is installed on your existing glass to prevent forced entry. This solution is perfect for property owners who don't want to invest in new framing and window glass. We offer different types of glazing products to withstand different levels of forced entry.
  • Exterior Window Film – Exterior window film is specially manufactured to meet the needs of decorative windows and challenging window designs, shapes, and sizes that cannot handle a retrofit. They are high quality and offer enhanced durability to withstand the elements and threats from people.
  • Clear Panels – We can install clear forced entry glass panels onto your existing window framing. This method works for interior and exterior glass windows and doors. If your window frames cannot sustain these panels, we can remove them and replace them with forced entry glass and new framing.

Benefits of Installing Forced Entry Glass 

Forced entry glass is more visually appealing than gates, grills, security bars, or other security options. Those methods can deter customers and detract from the curb appeal of your property. They are also more expensive to repair if they are subject to an attack. Forced entry door, window, and display glass is clear, attractive, and impact-resistant, offering high-security protection without altering the appearance of your existing glass. You can maintain natural light and unobstructed views while still protecting your property from damage or forced entry. The other benefits of forced entry glass installation are:

  • Enhanced safety and security.
  • Improved peace of mind.
  • Maintain the beauty and appearance of exterior or interior windows without sacrificing safety.
  • Protect against forced entry and unexpected accidents.
  • Withstand weather damage.
  • Reduced sound and pollution transmission.
  • Enhances energy-efficiency.

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Call us today or contact us online to schedule a consultation for forced entry glass installation in Jacksonville, FL. At Perimeter Glass, we have decades of experience in the industry and are committed to quality results and high standards. We specialize in commercial and industrial glass installation, repair, and replacement, including storefront glass, retail and commercial property glass, and glass entry doors. We also offer emergency window glass repair services and commercial steel door and emergency exit door services.