Commercial Glass Replacement Services in Jacksonville, FL

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Should You Replace Your Commercial Glass?

Visibly old and leaky windows or doors are a telltale sign that it’s probably time for a glass replacement. Leaks can be caused by everything from worn parts to poor installation. Although leaks may seem like small issues, they can eventually cause noticeable damage to your building, including mold growth, wood rot, and foundation issues.

You should also consider glass replacement to help keep your business temperature-controlled throughout the year. Replacing single panes with double or triple panes can help reduce heat gain during the summer and heat loss during the winter. Cracked or broken glass can also cause problems. Even seemingly insignificant cracks can allow outside air into your building. A replacement can prevent energy waste, potentially lowering your energy bill.

Reasons to Replace Your Commercial Glass

There are many reasons to consider commercial glass replacement for your business in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Several issues can arise when it comes to your commercial glass, so learn more about some reasons why you should replace your commercial glass:

  • Broken Seals – An irreversible type of damage, broken seals can be caused by extreme temperatures. Condensation causes seals to break and lose their integrity.
  • Visible Damage – Storms, extreme temperatures, and more may cause wear and tear to your glass frames or glass to become scratched.
  • Foggy Glass/Leakage – In the humid and stormy Florida climate, glass can become fogged or develop water leakages.
  • Expensive Repair or Maintenance – If you find yourself paying too much to have your commercial glass repaired or maintained, you will benefit from a commercial window glass replacement.
  • Lack of Thermal Integrity – Over time, the U-factor of your commercial glass will become reduced, allowing your windows to transmit non-solar heat flow from drafts, gaps, or leakages.
  • Upgrading – You can upgrade the architectural structure of your building by replacing your windows with newer, more modern commercial glass.
Commercial Glass Replacement Services in Jacksonville, FL

The Cost of Replacing Commercial Window

The cost of a commercial glass window replacement plays a crucial factor in whether businesses upgrade their glass now or later. The price for your new windows will vary based on multiple factors. Our skilled commercial glass replacement company can replace windows for any structurally sound building. With that in mind, older buildings usually cost more when it comes to window replacements. The cost of your commercial glass replacement services will also depend on the type of window frame you choose. Choosing a coated aluminum window frame will cost more than a wood or steel window frame, but you won’t need as much maintenance, and your frames will be protected from moisture and the sun. The type of window glass you choose will also play a factor in your cost. Choosing glass with a higher energy rating will cost more but will pay off in the long run.

The Benefits of Commercial Glass Replacement for Your Business

There are many benefits of replacing your commercial glass, including lower energy costs, improved interior air quality, lower maintenance costs, stable indoor temperatures, and improved appearance of your business. Replacing your commercial glass will offer your business increased security. Traditional window glass will not stop intruders, but you can choose add-ons such as laminated security glass or polycarbonate glazing shields. You also won’t need to board up your windows in the event of hurricanes or other intense storms. Replacing your commercial glass can also give your building a facelift and improve your company’s energy efficiency.


Selecting the Right Commercial Glass?

When selecting or installing commercial glass for your business, there are several factors you should keep in mind. The first step is to choose a style that will be aesthetically appealing and will match well with the exterior of your building. Geometric and decorative options can add character and uniqueness, while square or rectangular shapes offer a more standard or classic appeal.

Next, you should decide on the frame material. Some of the common options include vinyl, wood, and aluminum. Wood frames are great insulators and are known to block out outside sounds. Vinyl windows are energy-efficient and low maintenance. Aluminum windows are durable, affordable, and have excellent thermal performance. After you choose your desired style and frame, you can pick a package and determine your customization requirements.

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