Four Ways Commercial Glass Storefronts Can Revitalize Retail Businesses

Commercial glass storefronts can help businesses save money on utilities, increase curb appeal, boost sales, and customize their displays.

Between marketing and inventory, a lot goes into maintaining a retail business. One aspect that gets less attention is the storefront appearance. Having an inviting storefront is important to attracting customers. The best way to draw customers at a glance is through a new commercial glass storefront.

Increased Curb Appeal

The outward appearance of a business says a lot about how the owner feels about it. Dark and dingy storefronts make customers think the owner doesn't care much about their business or that the products are low quality. With a custom commercial glass storefront, potential customers can pass by the business reassured that it is an integral part of the community and that the owner takes pride in it. Improving the outward appearance of a business may also encourage neighboring businesses to improve their storefronts, thus increasing the amount of retail business in the area.

Better Sales

By inviting more natural light and showcasing a clean and organized store, commercial glass storefronts visually appeal to customers. When customers find spaces more visually appealing, they are more likely to spend money there. If they already shop there, it encourages them to buy more.

Save Money on Utilities

If the exterior of a business consists of outdated windows, the owners may be losing money each month to excess utility costs. With a new commercial glass storefront, owners can reduce utility costs and increase their bottom line. Money saved on utilities can be put toward increased advertising and marketing.

Versatility of Displays

Commercial glass storefronts provide owners with endless ways to customize the exterior of their businesses. Glass storefronts allow owners the ability to easily change their signage with each season or sale. They also allow owners to modify product displays to keep customers engaged. Glass storefronts also pair well with digital signage, increasing the customizability of displays and further easing any signage changes.

Installing a commercial glass storefront is a great way to boost retail sales. The experienced commercial glass specialists at Perimeter Glass in Jacksonville, FL offer the highest level of workmanship in commercial glass installation and repairs. Contact us online or call us at 904-699-7492 for a free estimate.


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