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Emergency Exit Doors

How would your team or clients escape your business in an emergency situation? Are your exits clearly marked throughout your business and are they blocked? According to the United States Department of Labor, a workplace must have two exit routes for prompt evacuation. Exit routes must be located as far away as practical from each other in case one is blocked by a fire or smoke. 

At Perimeter Glass in Florida, we understand the importance of being prepared in an emergency situation. We know that 

  • Exit routes must be permanent parts of the workplace.
  • Exit discharges must lead directly outside or to a street, walkway, refuge area, public way, or open space with access to the outside.
  • Exit discharge areas must be large enough to accommodate people likely to use the exit route.
  • Exit route doors must unlock from the inside. They must be free of devices or alarms that could restrict use of the exit route if the device or alarm fails.
  • Exit routes must support the maximum permitted occupant load for each floor served, and the capacity of an exit route may not decrease in the direction of exit route travel to the exit discharge.
  • Exit routes must have ceilings at least 7 ft., 6 in. high.
  • An exit access must be at least 28 inches wide at all points. Objects that project into the exit must not reduce its width.

If you need another door or need to repair one you already have in place, call the experts at Perimeter Glass. 
We ensure that your new door is secure and ready to be used if the situation arises. 

Image of an illuminated emergency exit sign

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